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Do each move for 1 min. Repeat the series for total workout of 8 min. Count your reps during each min and track your max for each move. 

1. Weighted Side Lunges (both sides = 1 rep)

2. Weighted squat, bicep curl (both moves = 1 rep)

3. Weighted Knee Pulls (Right knee) *only need one weight for this move*

(Hold weight and extend arms up while in a lunge position, then pull weight in toward abdomen as you pull your knee up)

4. Weighted Knee Pulls (Left knee)


1. Balance curls
2. Squat Press
3. Mountain Climbers (knee to opposite elbow)

Repeat the series so your total workout time is 6 mins. Do each for 1 min and track your max reps for each.

1. Push up to side arm plank alternating sides (right and left side plank =’s 1 rep)
2. Russian twist (right side, left side = 1 rep)...
3. Sphinx plank-knee to elbow (right knee to right elbow then left knee to left elbow =’s 1 rep)

Track your “Max Reps” and time so you can see your improvement!

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