Sunday, February 8, 2015

Set Goals. Crush Them.

If you want to get from Point A to Point B, you have to have a vision. For many, their vision is vague or not specific enough (lose 40 lbs, run a 5k). They start their journey to Point B and then get discouraged and go back to Point A. It's easy to do, it happens everyday, don't get down on yourself--- keep moving forward with these tips.
To execute your vision, you need to set short-term MEASURABLE goals for yourself, we'll call these milestones. Unfortunately, whatever what your vision is for your body/fitness level/nutrition, it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes hard work, determination, and straight up goal crushing.
It’s important to set these short-term measurable goals so you hit the milestones along your journey to Point B (whatever your Point B is). Hitting these milestones is a huge motivator and gives you that extra kick to keep going to crush the next one. Short-term goals are generally for 4-6 weeks and hitting these will be your progress toward your long term goal (6 months or more).

My example of losing 40lbs is not specific enough. As a matter of fact, it’s quite overwhelming. Where do you start, how do you reach this goal?! You have to take this long term vision of where you want to be and break it down into smaller pieces. Let’s try losing 5 pounds a month over an 8 month period. Now that is realistic, specific, and measurable. Before you know it--- 8 months has passed and you’ve reached your goal.

Tips for breaking your long-term goal down into “short-term” milestones:
1.      Break down your goal into measurable milestones (lose 5 lbs per month, only one cheat meal per week, 5 pushups by end of month 1, 10 pushups by end of month 2, 1 mile by end of month 1, 2 miles by end of month 2, etc…)

2.      WRITE THEM DOWN (and post them where you will see them every day)

3.       Make a vision board (yes, take those dreams and visions, get creative, and post them on a board that you will look at each day)

4.      Schedule time each day to work toward your goals (just as you would schedule any business or family appointment. This appointment is one you don’t want to miss).

5.       Set your timeframe for meeting your long-term goal (by 6/1/15, by our wedding date, by New Year’s Eve, etc…)

6. Most importantly, BE SPECIFIC! -->> Be specific in your plan of what you will do to meet each milestone.

Map out your journey from Point A to Point B using this simple printable goal planner: