Monday, January 19, 2015

Afford Shakeology Without Increasing your Monthly Budget

It's no secret that this little shake is what helped me clean up my eating habits. I will say the first time I had it, I wasn't sure if I was going to like it. I drank whey protein, I bought vitamins and supplements from GNC, and didn't think this shake would be any different. I was also hesitant about the cost to drink it on a daily basis.

After looking into the ingredients I realized that this was NOT your average protein shake. This was much more and full of stuff that I wouldn't even normally eat on a daily basis (I admit, I am a picky eater)! I decided to buy my first bag of chocolate and give it a try. From that point on I was hooked. I drank it while doing the P90X3 program and immediately could tell it was enhancing my results, my weight loss, and giving me more energy.

We decided to sit down and look at our budget and how we could fit it in. At that point, it was easy to see that we could afford Shakeology without increasing our budget with just a few tweaks in our spending habits. At the time we were carpooling to work everyday. We would pull into Starbucks at least twice a week and get two grande white mochas and a bagel with cream cheese (I know, horrible!). It was $12 a stop. $12!!!

Right then and there, we committed to cutting our Starbucks habit. (PSA- If you have any bad food habits to cut, this is the perfect substitute).

The best thing about Shakeology is that it is a meal REPLACEMENT. You swap the cost of one meal with it. It also has all of the nutrition you need in a day plus powerful all natural superfoods that you normally don't even eat (and NO artificial flavors).

We also no longer buy:
-Sweets of any kind (cookies, cupcakes, donuts, etc...)

We stopped eating out as much and focused on planning meals for the week that would make enough to have leftovers for lunches at work. You would be surprised of how much LESS you waste when you plan your meals out for the week, including lunches.

The cost breaks down to about $4/day, and even less if you decide to coach and get the 25% discount. At $130/month, it seems high, but when have you EVER bought 30 healthy meals all at one time?

Why I Swear by this Drink:
1.) It curbs your sweet tooth & reduces cravings. The shake alone is like a desert.
2.) It seriously enhances your weight loss (even if you're not doing a workout program).
3.) If you are doing a work out program, watch out, your results will amaze you.
4.) I've talked with users who lost weight and were able to go off of medications for various health issues (cholesterol, diabetes, etc...). Shakeology helps keep your blood sugar steady.
5.) I'm a picky eater and never would take in all of these foods in a days time.
6.) My whole family benefits as it keeps us all on track (even the kids like it).
7.) It's made with all natural ingredients and has no artificial sweeteners.

Ready to Try It for Yourself? It has a full money back guarantee, even if you drink the whole bag!

How does it Compare:

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